Ultra Aluminium Systems - Κουφώματα αλουμνίου

Technical advice

For the proper, quality construction of aluminium systems, the following are important:
• Inspection of profiles upon delivery of the order, as well as storage at a protected site, which should ideally contain special storage racks to prevent impact or dents.
• Selection of suitable profiles for the construction.
• Selection of special accessories in accordance with the specifications of the manuals for aluminium thermal insulating systems, produced by Ultra Aluminium Systems.
• Strict adherence to the cutting dimensions specified in the technical manuals.
• Use of proper lubricants and fluids during cutting.
According to the instructions in Ultra Aluminium Systems’ general technical manual, attention should be paid to the following:
• Opening of suitable holes in sheets and casings for drainage of excess water.
• Using the proper special adhesives (e.g. joint glue, rubber adhesive), for sealing of window frames and proper elimination of water.
• Proper diagonal block placing to avoid frame warping (suspension).
• Dual sealing and concurrent installation of silica gel on glazing.
• Careful measurement of masonry openings, complete with the necessary space clearance (air), for proper installation of window frames.
• Use of suitable sealing materials during installation.
• Protection of joints with the corresponding glue (joint glue) to avoid capillary corrosion.
• Frequent maintenance of construction mechanical equipment.