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Harmonisation requirements

Products designated as ‘suitable for use’, need to have the ‘CE’ mark. This indicates that they comply with community directive
89/106 currently in force, in accordance with the provisions of the European Union, and that they meet all the European regulations, which include the procedures for authenticity assessment.

The guidelines, which are subject to the European method for approval of a product or product group, should adopt the following procedures:
• The manufacturer should keep a supplier file and regularly evaluate their capability for response and smooth collaboration.
• Strict record keeping:
• Non-compliant products, with mark of the decision and their handling – both by the manufacturer and by the supplier.
• Production, checking and testing of the manufactured articles (final quality control), for all stages involved in production, tests and quality control.
• Corrective and preventive actions that document any procedures followed after each non-compliance, either originating from the product itself or the customer, in the form of complaints.
• A technical file with a written reference to Community directives.
• Provision of documented work instructions per phase and product.
• Provision of documented duties of production personnel, per specific job position.
• Provision of documented procedure for production planning and control.
• All incoming and outgoing products should be checked, and the details of the check and its results should be filed.
• Keeping a machinery repair/maintenance file, that will explicitly state the date and the operation performed.
The frequency of maintenance of equipment is specified in ‘proper use’ manuals and is performed under the responsibility of the manufacturer.
It is also very important to provide test results, not only from in-house checks but also from an accredited laboratory, according to ΕΝ standard 14351-1 for:
• windows and door systems for pedestrians.
• Product standard with performance characteristics.
• Part 1: Windows and exterior door systems without fire resistance and smoke leak characteristics for:
• Water permeability
• Release of harmful substances (only in case of impact on the exterior side).
• Resistance to wind pressure.
• Load bearing capacity of safety devices (for instance, the pivot or top mount hinge mechanism retainer device, opening regulators and fixing systems for cleaning).
• Soundproofing.
• Thermal insulation.
• Air permeability.

* Ultra Aluminium Systems strictly adheres to the above mentioned provisions and directives,  which are available to customers at any time, to demonstrate this compliance.

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