Ultra Aluminium Systems - Κουφώματα αλουμνίου

Organisational Criteria

For Ultra Aluminium Systems, proper business organisation is one of our top priorities. Especially when the scope of business is aluminium thermal insulating systems, the company should manage documentation in a smooth manner, as the entire business starts from this point.
At Ultra Aluminium Systems, to ensure that the aluminium thermal insulating window frames that we provide fulfil the highest standards of quality, we have the latest version following documents available:

  • Maintenance, use and operation of window frames.
  • Delivery of works/structures.
  • Customer satisfaction/complaints/recommendations.
  • Price list that specifies details on all aluminium systems and their accessories.
  • Offers that include:
    • Glass panels.
    • Types of aluminium.
    • Series.
    • Size of window frames, shutters and all accessories.
  • Guarantee of the quality of products and services.
  • Company promotional leaflet, the products and the services provided.
  • List of technical specifications of all types and series of aluminium window frames.
  • Files containing agreements, offers and customer contracts.

    Furthermore, companies in the energy-efficient aluminium systems business, are required to:

  • Have a permanent showroom available to customers, covering an area of approximately 20m².
  • Inform customers, right from the start, of the final form of products they wish to order. Thus, the samples on display should be up to date and always kept in good condition.

    At Ultra Aluminium Systems, our motto is ‘Well organised to function better’.

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