Ultra aluminium systems

Why Ultra Aluminium Frames?

For consumers without specialist technical knowledge – and this is the vast majority – there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the various types of energy-efficient window frames. At least on the outside.
The competition between firms providing aluminium thermal insulating systems, (fair or unfair) merely serves to confuse matters more. This happens because they tend to promote the real or imaginary quality traits of the kinds and types of aluminium thermal insulating window frames they supply.
On the other hand, aluminium window frames from Ultra Aluminium Systems, perfectly combine all the benefits any professional installer or consumer expects from a modern and field-proven aluminium manufacturer.

Aluminium as a Material

Aluminium is the raw material of all aluminium systems, such as doors, windows and a wide range of products.
As aluminium is a material that, first and foremost, ensures the improvement of energy efficiency and heat insulation:
• It requires no maintenance (EVER) as it does not corrode.
• It is provided ready and in a wide selection of electrostatically painted colours for you to choose from (e.g. simulated wood designs etc).
• It is especially light and does not add to the already high structural load.
• It can be selected without hesitation for all construction applications, modern or traditional.
• It has the greatest resistance – compared to other materials – to normal wear and tear and damage from use.
• It is fully recyclable, hence environment friendly.
• It is 100% of Greek origin.

Aluminium energy systems have excellent insulating properties, especially when combined with appropriate glazing, seals and brushes, as the case is at Ultra Aluminium Systems.
The ability to use various mechanisms, facilitates the proper functionality of casings. In fact, on certain advanced aluminium systems, it greatly enhances safety.
Casings made from all-powerful aluminium, are now a trademark of our age. The fact is that they have played their part in the significant enhancement of living standards in our demanding modern world.

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