Ultra aluminium systems

Deciding on Window Frames

The decision to invest in aluminium thermal insulating window frames, destined to be installed in new homes or replace older ones, can be a very significant expense.
Aluminium window frames are not something we buy every day. On the contrary, they will be with us for a long time. Therefore, we need to heed the following specifications, to extend their serviceable life as much as possible.

• Durability.
• Appearance.
• Soundproofing.
• Energy saving.
• Waterproofing.

The decision should be taken after careful thought and research and be conclusive. Unfortunately, most people select aluminium thermal insulating systems, after the building has been completed. The prospective buyer, monitoring the progress of the building work, is often in the unfortunate position of discovering that not everything is going as planned. There are always surprises.
For this reason, decisions should be taken before starting work on the building. This means making suitable arrangements, in collaboration with the engineer and architect, during the development of the design and the drawings.
The final determination of the most appropriate energy-efficient aluminium systems will ensure its success if performed according to:

• Building type and characteristics.
• Personal aesthetic standards.
• Special climatic conditions that prevail at the site, as well as possible commitments and restrictions imposed by the local building codes.

Lastly, it would be wrong to ignore the financial factors behind the decisions taken by consumers. However, if energy-efficient window frames are chosen, the investment will be soon repaid through the anticipated energy savings.

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