Ultra aluminium systems

Selection of Installer

The best way to enjoy the aluminium systems of your choice for many years to come, is to make sure to have then installed by a skilled craftsman. That is, a craftsman with skills, knowledge and experience, and one that is very familiar with aluminium thermal insulating systems.
The approved installer will faithfully implement the specified construction methods. It goes without saying that only certified parts, recommended by aluminium vendors such as Ultra Aluminium Systems will be used.
Things to watch out for to make sure that you are employing the right person:
• Ask the local aluminium systems distributor to propose a reliable installer.
• Ask the installer to show you past projects.
• Ask previous customers about the consistency and quality of their work.
• Visit their premises. The workshop or showroom, etc.
• All your questions, especially those to do with construction matters, should receive reasoned answers and financially sound solutions.

How to pay the installer

It is important to realise the importance of coming to a clear financial agreement with your installer. It is customary to pay the installer in phases, parallel to the progress of work.
It is to your own interest to sign a well-drawn up private agreement. However, this cannot replace your own actual presence during the performance of heat insulation window frame installation work. Thus, your presence is necessary as well.
This document will explicitly specify all the conditions of the agreement and, above all, the application of penalty clauses in case of delay.
Under no circumstances should you pay the agreed amount in the following cases:
• There are deviations with respect to the quality and specifications of the products and materials ordered;
• There is failure or refusal to restore poor workmanship.
Take care to select the best installer, so that they take care of you!

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