Ultra aluminium systems

Types of Window Frames

Sliding aluminium systems, were – and still are – a particular feature of Greek home designs. They were dominant in the 1970s and the 1980s, dominating the market.
They were – and are – mostly used in mass housing structures such as apartment blocks and tourist accommodation. That is, where saving interior space is of prime importance.
The modern sliding window frame series are tuned to modern requirements and provide the most efficient performance possible. Less space is required for their movement and they can accommodate glazing, insect nets and shutters or exterior side-roller shutters. They can be installed on the exterior of walls or designed as flush mounted (utilising the whole of the opening). Furthermore, they are implemented as multiple-pane designs converging at the middle of the opening, or as overlapping or multiple-sliding designs where panes run on parallel tracks.
Naturally, it is now possible to install sliding aluminium thermal insulation systems, allowing customers to benefit from the highly desirable energy efficiency upgrade. This is a feature that can be provided by Ultra Aluminium Systems.

Hinged window frames
Hinged aluminium thermal insulating window frames, provide efficient thermal insulation and improved security. The can satisfy your decorative taste as they are available in many types and designs and can accommodate glazing and shutters or externally mounted roller shutters. They provide a full opening but require space for their operation inside their installation space.
Hinged aluminium window frames enjoy a leading market share and are mainly installed in single homes or special buildings, especially where old wooden frames are to be replaced.
Standard and thermal insulation series are available, as the installation of the latter is necessary, in certain regions. Of course, they are costlier than sliding designs, however they can be implemented in countless applications and provide comprehensive solutions. They can accommodate several accessories and mechanisms to cater for all special requirements.
They are the flagship type of aluminium thermal insulation systems, and can greatly improve your quality of life. They can also provide financial benefits, as their installation can lead to savings of valuable energy.

To allow an unobstructed view and improved natural lighting to a space, you may often resort to the installation of a fixed glazing. However, this is not the only use for fixed glazing. A fixed construction can be also used if a permanent or special-purpose partition needs to be installed in a large space, such as large hall or store.
Fixed partitions may be useful in countless applications. They can be easily and quickly installed and provide a high degree of functionality. They are used in facades, fanlights, glass panes, kiosks, divisions and many more.

Special Constructions
There are several cases where special constructions need to be installed. These can be skylights, solar roofs, both to meet several basic accommodation needs and to improve comfort in a specific space.
The current technical state of development of aluminium energy systems, allows architects or engineers to plan larger lit openings in residences, and to be confident that they can achieve strength, sealing properties, thermal insulation, functionality as well as modern aesthetics. Thus, the trend of modern architecture for large bright openings has grown not only in Southern Europe – where the climate favours such constructions – but in Northern Europe as well, where the climate is harsher.
In Northern European countries, the prime concern is to leverage even the slightest available sunlight and bring its benefits into the home. To realise this, the structure should meet all the required thermal insulation, good performance and – above all – sealing specifications. Precisely for this reason, only aluminium-system vendors that manufacture reliable systems can address these architectural applications.
In addition to their technical features, as well as the solutions they can provide, they are a part of the appearance of the house that provide unmatched beauty and elegance. Imagine how much light will flood the interior during the day, but also the beauty of the starry sky at night.

Rollers – Shutters
Attention should be paid to the types of rollers and shutters to be installed.
In fact, if bottom fit rollers are selected – a very common design in recent years – this preference should be considered well before the start of the building work.
Rollers are divided into:
• Fixed (slats) – mainly made from metal profile – used in shutters installed on sliding and hinged window frames, which have largely replaced plastic slats.
• Retracting (top mounted), made from shaped aluminium tape with polyurethane filling.
The second have been in common use over the last five years and this trend is increasing. They are mostly chosen for old homes or apartments, where old wooden rollers need to be replaced, as they are available in simulated wood finishes. Furthermore, by adding suitable mechanisms, their operation can be motorised, even remote controlled.
In large openings, e.g. shops or car parks or even for increased security, rollers wound on shafts are used, whose slats are made from heavier aluminium gauge. In these cases, to avoid future operating issues, a powerful and reliable motor should be installed.

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